Based on the possibilities offered by the very digital nature of the LED lighting technology, lighting is on its way to becoming fully tunable, manageable, controllable, and even intuitive operative systems, which allows for lighting-on-demand or lighting-as-a-service, i.e. quality lighting when and where it is needed.

Lighting is expected to develop towards a service driven systems & solutions industry, where location and time will be demanded by user preference. This will confront the traditional lighting industry with a big challenge to re-invent itself, but at the same time allowing for a tremendous growth of new market opportunities and new business models.

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The Smart Lighting 2017 Conference
is a pre-competitive industry driven platform on connected lighting, combining the interests of stakeholders from the lighting industry, the semiconductor industry and the ICT industry.

Key objective is to promote new connected lighting systems, solutions & services based on this new paradigm. Activation of the extended lighting value chain demands for a close collaboration and alignment of all stakeholders. The event takes a strategic view on developments, barriers, and opportunities beyond the benefits of energy reduction, through LEDification, into Digitization.