Dr. Jan Denneman (Chair)

Vice President Industry Associations, Philips Lighting BV
President, LightingEurope


Since 1976 he has been working for Philips Lighting in several roles within product development, business development, product management, marketing and sustainability. In his current role, he manages Philips Lighting worldwide activities in industry associations and consortia.

In 2001 he became a member of the Board of Directors and President of the European Lamp Companies Federation – the major discussion partner for the European Union on all issues concerning light sources. In 2015, he was elected as President of LightingEurope.

Because the huge changes in the lighting world of LEDs and Connectivity require also new approaches in standardization, he took the initiative to create new alliances like Zhaga and The Connected Lighting Alliance in which he serves as Board member.

In 2007 Jan took the initiative to create the Global Lighting Forum and in March 2012, he has been elected as President of the Global Lighting Association, a cooperation between peak lighting industry associations worldwide, like CALI, NEMA, LightingEurope, ELCOMA, JLMA, Lighting Council, TLFEA, ABILUX, KILT, MELA etc.



Dr. Heinz Seyringer

Head Research Collaborations Zumtobel Group
Zumtobel Lighting GmbH, Dornbirn, Austria


Heinz Seyringer studied Physics and Mathematics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) with special focus on quantumelectronics. He has a PhD in semiconductor physics and before joining the Zumtobel Group he worked from 2000 until 2008 at Photeon Technologies, which is specialized on the design and development of integrated optical chips (AWG multiplexers and demultiplexers for fiber optical communications, lasers and detectors, beam splitters,…). From 2002 until he left Photeon in 2008 he was general manager of the company. In 2009 he joined the Zumtobel group, where he is now responsible for the research collaborations.


Bianca Pohl

Dr. Bianca Pohl-Klein

Head Strategic Cooperation
OSRAM GmbH, CI IM SCI, Garching, Germany


Bianca Pohl-Klein (PhD) is leading the Technology Cooperation within OSRAM’s Corporate Innovation. The group is supporting OSRAM’s innovation strategy by identifying relevant trends in lighting technology, fostering cooperations with external partners, initiating and coordinating public funding for OSRAM worldwide as well as managing the Corporate Innovation IP portfolio to harvest new ideas and to keep OSRAM’s leading technology position.
After her diploma in materials science at University of Applied Sciences Münster, for which she was honoured with the Rektorats and Bernhard-Rincklake award for the outstanding thesis in 2006, she received her doctorate in Physics from University Augsburg in 2009. At that time she was already involved into the LED phosphor development at OSRAM and took over the position as a project leader for ceramic conversion and novel conversion materials for LEDs in 2009. Based on that about 15 inventions were filed as patents.
In 2013 she joined the Technology Cooperation department and was responsible for building up strategic partner networks in academia and industry and for the coordination of research collaborations for OSRAM worldwide. In 2015 Bianca Pohl-Klein took over her current position. To support interdisciplinary research and early stage researchers for their future careers, she is a member of the advisory group of EHome Center (research center for intelligent, energy and resource efficient living in private space) at University Erlangen-Nuremberg and the Karlsruhe School of Optics and Photonics at KIT.


Bianca Pohl

Professor Dr. Robert F. Karlicek, Jr.

ERC Director
Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, United States


Dr. Robert F. Karlicek, Jr. directs the Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center and is a Professor of Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He obtained his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh and has over 40 published technical papers and 38 U.S. patents.



Mr. Setsuo Mizusawa

Managing Director and CEO
Panasonic Lighting Europe GmbH, Germany


As CEO of Panasonic Lighting Europe (Vossloh-Schwabe) and Panasonic Lighting Americas (Universal Lighting Technologies and Douglas) Mr. Mizusawa is responsible for the global device and solution business under Panasonic Lighting Business Unit. His more than 23 years of global experience within the Panasonic Company also includes countries such as Taiwan and the Philippines. Mr. Mizusawa is one of the global experts for the Japanese Lighting Industry.



Mr. Siebren de Vries MSc.

Chess Wise BV, The Netherlands


Siebren (MSc Electromechanical Engineering) is the founder and CTO of Chess Wise. He has a strong interest in the wonderful works of nature and believes that nature often has ingenious solutions for what we regard as technological challenges. In regards to wireless communication one only needs to look at flocks of birds, or a shoal of fishes and imagine the incredible advanced way they sense and communicate with each other. This vision has been the starting point of the development of MyriaMesh, what now might be one of the strongest technological propositions in the field of wireless mesh network technology. Siebren is an eclectic academic and inspiring storyteller.



Dr. Rafael Jordan

Business Development Manager Photonics
Fraunhofer-Institut für Zuverlässigkeit und Mikrointegration (IZM), Germany


Dr. Rafael Jordan finished his thesis as Dr. rer. nat. in 2001 and started subsequent his work as scientist at Fraunhofer IZM leading projects addressing high power LED packaging on wafer and module level. He established Solid State Lighting at Fraunhofer IZM as profitable market field beside data communication and sensing. For more than 10 years he has given talks in Europe and US, followed by Far East. Meanwhile he is continuously invited to give talk, chair session and give workshops for industry and scientific conferences and is actually the international liaison chair of ChinaSSL. Since 2011 he is business development manager for Photonics at Fraunhofer IZM. From the regional aspects he will also represent the interests of OptecBB and BerlinPartner, two organizations unifying the SME activities in Berlin and Brandenburg.”



Mr. Jaap Schuuring

Director Customer Learning
Philips Lighting University


In his current role he is helping to outperform the industry with a vibrant effective and impactful  learning & knowledge sharing environment.
Responsible for delivering a comprehensive range of educational resources for people who want to expand their lighting knowledge.



Dr. Henk Veldhuis

Global Director Smart Lighting / Smart Home
TÜV Rheinland Group


Mr. Veldhuis began his career in 1985 as a young engineer in Philips Electronics, the Netherlands. He has held positions in the area of product management, product marketing and business development in several Philips BG’s (Business Groups); such as Philips Components, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, and Philips Intellectual Property & Standards. Mr. Veldhuis holds several patents in the field of Optical Disc Recording (CD-R/RW).
Since 2005, Mr. Veldhuis has been active in various international standardization bodies and Alliances, with a primary focus on using and promoting open standards for the consumer market (CD, DVD, Recordable CD, DRM for audio/video content).

In 2011, Mr. Veldhuis joined Philips Lighting.
In Philips Lighting, Mr. Veldhuis has held the position of Director of Standardization Connectivity and was responsible for various wireless connectivity standardization activities for Philips Lighting. He served as Philips’ board member in The Connected Lighting Alliance (TCLA), and chaired the Technical Advisory Working Group, the group that supervises all the technical committees. In addition, in 2015, Mr. Veldhuis served as Chair of the Steering Committee for the global Smart Lighting conference, again with a prime focus on the global marketing and promotion of common open standards for the Smart Lighting and Smart Home market. In this role in Philips, Mr. Veldhuis has been able to help growing the globally Smart Lighting market and harmonize the Lighting industry’ viewpoint on wireless technologies to use.
He was closely involved with the development, specification, and global marketing of ZigBee Light Link and ZigBee 3.0, and was directly involved with the creation and marketing of one of Philips recently introduced Lighting innovations, Philips Hue.



Dr. Bruno Smets


After earning a PhD from the Catholic University of Leuven Bruno joined Philips Electronics in 1977. In the late seventies and eighties he was active in research on new materials both within Philips Research and within Philips Lighting. In the eighties he shifted his attention to the development and market introduction of lamp ballast combinations, such as UHP systems for digital projection. Around the turn of the century he joined the Advanced Development Laboratory of Philips Lighting as member of the management team, his primary responsibility resting with the long-term research portfolio. Over the years the focus in this portfolio was shifted from breakthroughs in discharge and materials technology towards the creation of system solutions based on solid-state lighting and lighting controls. This shift in focus aligns well with the transformation Philips Lighting is going through i.e.: the shift from being a supplier of components for lighting systems to becoming a provider of connected lighting systems and services. This repositioning of Philips Lighting as also a substantial impact on the way Philips Lighting performs R&D, requiring a swift transition from closed towards open innovation. In order to facilitate this process some years ago he joined the strategy and innovation department being responsible for the cooperation with partners in academia and industry. In this role he is member of the Roadmap Council of the HTSM-TKI and co-chair of the Work Group on Emerging Lighting, Electronics and Displays of Photonics21.